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You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Affordable, portable and accepted worldwide, the humble business card is often said to be the most important marketing tool you'll ever use. A reflection of you and your business, this small space works hard to create large impact. In many ways, Business Cards are arguably the most important marketing pieces for a company.



Spikey has made its mark with full colour business card design and production.  Business Cards represent the front line image of your business, after all, they are very often used to make first contact with your future customers. It is imperative that this primary marketing tool conveys professionalism and the highest quality. It makes a statement about your work. Your business card is competing with others to get customers to contact them, these are customers who regularly receive cards and who are continuously contacted by competing similar businesses. A card that just sits there, quietly waiting to be found or thrown away, is going to lose you money. You need a working, silent salesperson in every business card. Spikey has made business cards in black or full colour, uncoated or coated, gloss or silk, single or double sided with a wide variety of stocks, including environmental, and a full compliment of varnish and trimming options.



  •   size - 90mm x 55mm
  •   print - full colour, double sided
  •  material - 350gsm paper, or high impact plastic for a premium selection



Width (mm) Height (mm) Quantity SPIKEY Price
90 55 250 $144
90 55 500 $164
90 55 1000  $214
90 55 2000  $314

The prices above are for uncoated paper business cards and a weight of 350gsm.

Price depend of:

  •  quantity
  •  kind of paper
  •  kind of print finish

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