3D Logos

3D Signs and lettering is a great way to make your sign or message stand out with added depth. 3D signs are commonly used internally for reception signs and wall signage as well as externally on buildings, fascias and as part of an architectural outdoor sign. You can use 3D signs for internal or external purposes such as reception signs and wall signage as well as buildings, fascia. To produce 3D signage, we use CNC flatbed router and laser cutting technology such a way that a precise cutting machinery cuts 3D signage from steel, metal, acrylic, polycarbonate, foam, wood and aluminium, and then been fabricated all at various thicknesses and heights to produce a sign of dimension that suits our clients requirements.


Dimensional letters and signs for indoor/outdoor use are made from materials such as PVC, acrylic, foam, and aluminium. They can withstand the elements, and outdoor dimensional signs are a great way to instantly enhance your business’ look and aesthetic appeal. Dimensional letter signs are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether your company prefers your lettering project be made of metal or plastic, our company finishes your outdoor signage product far beyond your expectations!

Features & Benefits: 

  •  high impact strength
  •  allows for many design options
  •  design flexibility
  •  wide range of using materials 
  •  customizable sizes and shapes


Sign Price depends on:
- total size required
- kind of material